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Names 161 to 167

(161) Nirbhedaa निर्भेदा - Without notions of separateness or differences. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 178
" Mother is Supreme Love and The Finalmost, Supreme Ruler, devoid of all differences and is the Destroyer of all differences. Some ignorant persons say, there is a difference between Shakti and the Possessor Shiva, (Mother and Father), but those yogins who meditate and see the reality, recognise the non-separateness".

" "The interpretation of " no difference between different Conceptions of Almighty " is on the higher plane, but even in practical routine life, this “Bheda," differentiation, plays a very important psychological part. Systematized selfishness and un-conscientious practice of selfishness and blindness about one's vice of selfishness arises from “ Bhedas.” Not to speak of the differences, which result in notions of established superiority and inferiority, indifference and dislike and hatred between one nation, and another or one religionist or one community and another, there are other practical subtle Bhedas. The larger the circle to which a “ Bheda," appertains, the lesser and more remote is the result. It is mainly the “ Bheda," between one man and the nearest other man in their individual capacities which often plays the most harmful and painful part. The bad blood of one nation against another is too much talked of but the real distress arises from the Bhedas of richness and poverty, literacy and illiteracy, high birth and low birth, aristocracy and democracy, etc. Psychologically there are two factors, viz., selfishness and differentiation (Bheda), which go to decide the amount of evil proceeding from one person to another. It is due to Bheda, that one cuts out a small little circle of persons, to whom alone his good. ness, kindness, good behavior and charitable consideration would extend. Once he has marked out his circle, he has no conscience-bite even if he acts me brutally outside the circle. This subtle factor of Bu should be well studied from the view-point of its en In many cases this poor circle of many Spa looking lives comprises one's wife and children It is this Bheda, which explains many paradoxes of kindness in one’s circle and cruelty outside the circle centered in one and the same person.Contrasting Bheda with selfishness, Bheda is indeed a much more significant factor. Selfishness arises as a result of separating out one's self from others. Extinction of Bhedas is not simply the mitigator of selfishness but even an antidote. An Institute like Mother's Lodge, that preaches the extinction of differences, is doing a work which has a unique value, although it is little realised by them that can think only in pre-settled grooves. Mai-ism says, Bheda is much worse than selfishness. In selfishness one remains aware of the injustice, although he successfully rides over the conscience-pricks. One claims a lion's share, but he is not different from others. In the case of “Bheda, " one wipes out the very existence of all others except those that are fortunate enough to fall in his little circle. Selfishness is a cunning jackal, but Bheda is a man-swallowing monster. It need not be stated that this is the Mai-istic view and not the popular view. A Mai-ist says * The greater the enlargement of one's circle, the greater is the gradual attenuation of selfishness. The Greater man is he who identifies his own interests, joys and sorrows with Se of a larger number of men, whose circle is greater whose Bhedas have been fewer. Unselfishness is most naturally the result, though not immediate, of practicing extinction of differences."
(162) Bheda-naashini भेदनाशिनी - Destroyer of difference and separateness. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 179
Bheda is the dual knowledge; She causes its destruction by the knowledge of reality. Mother removes this differentiation, by generating love internally, and by bringing about the circumstances of being under the similar needs, fears and calamities, externally. Love especially when it is a sex-love, shatters mountains of Bhedas or differentiations. Highest and most acute differences vanish in the sinking ship.

It must be clearly understood that not knowing differences is ignorance.What is required to be practice is overriding the differences. If you yourself are of low birth, or by birth non vegetarian , your uproar regarding wiping out differences of the communities or the diets is selfishness.Being the best of the Brahmins , if you are prepared to conduct the Mai worship in a Harijan home, then alone, the justification for the appreciation lies.  

I am tempted to narrate an incident when I realised the intensity of the meaning underlying this name. The incident also serves to show what is stated above, viz., in circumstances of being under calamities, etc., the differentiation is removed.

When I was laid down in Ahmedabad hospital in 1934
and was operated upon, Mother attended on me for three consecutive nights, each time not more than about ten minutes at about 2 A.M. On the third night I failed in my faith and getting suspicious whether my eyes were true to me, I moved my hand over the portion where I was bandaged, to make sure by feeling of touch whether my seeing that Mother had untied the bandage, and had healed the wound, was true. I found that it was true. Mother smiled but did not come the next night. For five subsequent consecutive nights, the only two other entities who had accompanied Mother for the first three days, attended as Mother did.

There was the Bhangi (the night-soil carrier) at the door on duty. Eight nights were thus over; the next night the Bhangi entered my room at about 3 A.M. and to my most unspeakable surprise talked to me: " Sir, tonight Maataaji माताजी( Mother) did not come." I was stunned. I began to think a Bhangi- a night soil carrier - to have this knowledge and this Darshanदर्शन ( vision ).

I turned joy-maddened. I sang out "Nirbhedaa" निर्भेदा, "Bhedanaashini" भेदनाशिनी and almost prostrated to him, who was my sweeper. Since then for many nights I used to make him sit with me in the easy chair and showed him Mother's pictures, and read out articles from Shakti Anka शक्ति अंक of The Kalyan कल्याण from Gorakhpur गोरखपूर, although I am born of the Highest Nagar Brahmin and orthodox parents.

(163) Nirnaashaa निर्नाशा -Imperishable. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 180
Once Her love or devotion begins, it never vanishes.

(164) Mrityu-mathani मृत्युमथनी- Destroying death. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 181
From darkness, the devotee is laid to light. From mortality, Her devotee obtains immortality, attains the imperishable state, attains eternal existence and he himself becomes (Mai) (Mother).

(165) Nishkriyaa निष्क्रिया -Without action. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 182
Not subject to the necessity of action, whether ordained or prohibited. Her full-time devotees are not called upon to answer therefor, after death. " Just as the fragrant object is enough by its very presence to distract the mind of others and attract them to itself, so also the devotee of Mother does attract others, other things and other conditions without needing to do any hard and toilsome action. He becomes Satya-Sankalpa सत्यसंकल्प, and what he thinks that happens without his own action."

(166) Nishparigrahaa निष्परिग्रहा - Receiving nothing free.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 183
Keeping none's sacrifice unreturned without million-fold return.
The Mother's Lodge Ideal differs from that of the general mass, in that it does not appreciate amassing of wealth by people in the religious line. Families with hereditary dedication, of their lives to the religious cause, may have a moderate income for themselves and their families, not as the Owners of the religious Institutes but as Trustees. Individual religious people that have dedicated their lives to the religious cause do have, a right to live religiously on a public, individual or general charity, but that is so, only if they render some religious service of any nature openly, privately or even secretly. None that has no sanction for living religiously on charities, from the public or some community or some assembly or some group of individuals, and none who does not render some religious service, has any right to live on charity in the name of religion. Consideration of sanction and service must precede charity. Living on public charity is Nishparigraha निष्परिग्रह living, only if religious service is rendered.

(167) Nistulaa निस्तूला -Incomparable, not weighing balances.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 184
With no balance of stern justice but mercy "Without cause or comparison." No comparison. There is no other method of attaining salvation so easy as this, open for all and for which a person of any fitness is eligible.

This group is very important, in as much as it suggests the work to be done by the aspirant. Mother's path is called mysterious and practical. It very emphatically states, that whereas whatever is being preached and taught in scriptures and prided upon by Pandits or patriotic people, is only the whitest picture, the practical life is the darkest picture. That path, which does not close its eyes to the living facts of life and tries to practically tackle the hard problems of spiritual progress, from the darkest existing picture to the whitest ideal picture, is Mother's path. 
By daily repetition or meditation of a white picture, you are helped in a way, but that is not the remedy in itself. Success in life and progress is achieved by practice and practice alone, after that, you know what the white picture is, in contrast with the dark one, and the dark one in contrast with the white one.
"What you should be " is known through scriptures showing a white picture, but "How" is a big problem and Mother is said to be Guhyaat Guhyataraa गुह्यातगुह्यतरा , a mystery of mysteries because it is the Mother's immensely practical path, that deals with "How." 
Mother's Ideal says"Girdle your loins, raise up your sleeves, make out an analysis of yourself."If you can't do that yourself, consult your Guru.No drunkard has left of drinking, by reading Temperance reports or reading "Soldier's Wife" or repeatedly seeing the well known Marathi मराठी drama, the drama of "One peg alone (एकच प्याला)."
In Mother's Path, Abhyaasa does not mean study but practice. The practice of eliminating your vices and strengthening virtues. That idea of elimination is so strongly emphasized 
here, by so many names ending with Naashini नाशिनी- " the destroyer of ".
The pairs of names as sinless and sin-destroyer, prideless and pride-destroyer are to serve as an eye-opener to the little-out-looked people, who are under the delusion that everything is done as soon as the white picture is mastered. These names go to emphasize the need for constant watchfulness, always remembering that degenerating force is ever at work. From time to time there is need of a continued effort, just as every house after having been once swept, has, again and again, to be swept daily. First sweeping is referred to by " Nir " - निर and the continued process of sweeping by " Naashini " नाशिनी. This interpretation does not cancel the previous ones.

This practice has to be done by invoking Mother's Grace by Mother's worship, and Guru's Grace by serving him, and by serving him and fully confiding him and submitting him the daily progress report of the smallest details to one's Guru, if one has the Guru or to Mother Herself, who is the Greatest Guru in the Mother's Path.
Few people understand why in the Mother's Path Love is so much valued and why the first requirement of the Mai-ist is "Love all". It becomes still more difficult for people who have no discrimination of love and lust.
All goodness, virtue, true happiness, and peace of mind results from "Love".Love or the feeling of the unity of all different selves in and with Mother and one's own self is creative of order, organisation, consolidation, equilibrium and tranquillity.
The feeling of separateness ( Bheda) of different selves as a result of different conditions, is creative of disorder, disorganization, disintegration, disturbance and disquietude.
It need not be often repeated, that Mother is Love and not Power, to a Mai-ist, as has been mostly conceived
till now. Mother's worship and Mother's remembrance in the case of Mai-ist, ( i.e.with man having the conception of Mother as Love ) charges the mind battery with Love.
Love towards superior results in respect, veneration and worship. That towards equals results in goodwill, friendship and companionship, that towards inferiors in tenderness, pity and compassion.
The absence of Love results in indifference, apathy and unconcern. The reverse of Love, i.e., hate results in fear towards superiors, anger towards equals and contempt towards inferiors.
It is Love or the reverse of love, i.e., Hate which develops one type or the other of emotion character and behaviour.
Love towards superiors, equals and inferiors results in modesty and humility, affection and considerateness and kindness and generosity.
Hatred results in cowardice, peevishness and arrogance respectively. Love helps Hatred harms. Love gives, Hatred takes. Love prays and feels grateful, appreciates and returns. gives and shares. Hatred evades and betrays, defies and condemns, insults and injuries.
Love results in trust, faith, cheerfulness, contentment, forbearance, magnanimity, mercy, forgiveness, confidence, honesty, dignity, charity, etc.

Hatred results in dejection, despair, distrust, jealousy, bitterness, annoyance, worry, discontent, wrathfulness, disdain, deceptiveness, treacherousness,
rebelliousness, meanness, servility, revengefulness, falsehood, intolerance, cruelty, harshness, exactingness, extortion,, hypocrisy, rashness, ungratefulness, censuring, complaining, carping, blackmailing, tyranny, intimidation, bigotry, scoffing, etc.
In one word, the Mai-ist believes that most of the happiness or misery of the inmates of a society, nation or race or humanity depends on how far there is love or hatred and absence or presence of the bitter differences of superiority and inferiority between its inmates. It is on these points that the Mother's Lodge Ideal lays the highest stress " Love All" " Think little of your superiority over others " " We are all children of one and the same Universal Mother" etc.

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