God as Universal Divine Mother as it is preached in Maiism religion

There are three principal ways of looking at God, religiously. God as one Supreme Self, of which we little selves are reflections, God as Father, God as Mother of the whole creation. The first Conception is not only  impracticable for the common mass but is found on minute observation to be the achievement rather than the evolutionary remedy. The world has seen what God as Father with all the fears of His wrath and hell has been able to do and has done. The world has however seldom thought of the Motherhood of God. Perhaps because of man's desire to maintain his superiority. Motherhood has been neglected and the world has been unhappy. The head has run disproportionately in advance of the heart. With the conception of God as Mother, our relations with Almighty become more direct dispensing with the mediation of priest-craft, ceremony, sacred lore and observance of non-essentials. Mother's Love is none's monopoly, none is disqualified ; none has no claim to the lap of one's Mother. Mother worship has no particular form or ceremony and Mother has no particular name or form.

To the Mother the weakest child is the most cared for and dearest.
Father is head, knowledge, proficiency, wisdom, balance, justice, resourcefulness and arduousness. Mother is heart, will, character,
power, love, mercy, inspiration and faith In the ocean of Love alone all difference sink.

Father is he whom Mother introduces as Father. With Mother the child is one. being under Her protection, care and nourishment even before its birth. None was born without a Mother.

If we desire that the whole humanity may be religiously served by individuals, if we desire that the spiritual evolution should proceed from love rather than the fear of society or hell, if we desire to be quickly forgiven for our daily repeated thousand faults, if we wish that our worthlessness may submerge itself in the divine love which God bears towards the creation, there is nothing on earth that can compare with the Ideal of Mother's Love to Her children, and God as Mother would be the first most suitable Ideal.

If we wish to establish God that considers the service of humanity as the first and foremost duty, that goal is most efficiently achieved by the Mother's conception ; for it is the daily experience of common life that the Mother is happy when the children are happy, and that daughter or son who is exerting herself or himself most for the well being of Her children-folk is Her dearest child.

The best way of attracting Mothers' love, as seen in daily life, is the service of, and love to, Her child. A child has its greatest trust in the protection and forgiveness by Mother. Mother's love does not look for any return and is the last word of celestial thing on the earth. There is no weighing. Mother's eyes refuse to see evil and sin in Her child. Love and Mercy can be the only ideals as Saviors when all equipment-s as physical fitness, moral rectitude, right understanding, self-control, able sincere and selfless guidance and congeniality of social environments, etc., fail. There is no religion without religiosity, no religiosity without selflessness and no greater teacher of selflessness, even for worst stones, than Love -“The Merciful Mother.”
~ Saint Mai Swarup / Mother and Mother's Thousand Names 

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