Wednesday, January 31, 2018


By God's grace, we may reach the highest stage of evolution of the world although perfection will ever remain far distant and even impossible for all human beings. Anyway individuals by themselves do fully realise the result of their individual desire, action , effort and sacrifice. Any effort in the direction of true religiosity has sound

Firstly, not even the smallest effort or service or the good wish of the pure and disinterested love to others goes un-remunerated multifold. 

Secondly, whatever you gain in virtue, wisdom, love, devotion and self surrender to Mai's will is never lost unlike worldly gains and efforts, which would bring highest success at one moment and that success would turn into worst miseries at another as we have often seen in the fluctuations of world wars, where the highest efforts, brains, militaries, etc, are putting their maximum intellects, activities and maximum sacrifices. 

Thirdly, the most mysterious and invisible manner in which the eternal never failing divine law adjusts all conditions, environments, associations, relations and even destinies , including parentage , birth place etc., with fullest regard to what you really are and on which rung of the evolution ladder  you are actually standing on at a particular moment .

The natural automatic result is that the higher you go by your efforts, so many miseries automatically cease to exist for you and so many new avenues are opened out to you. 

The most unfortunate fact is that we have no idea whatsoever , as to which miseries have automatically passed out of existence for us and which sources of happiness have been opened out to the religious aspirants, as they rise higher and higher.

    In a word, there is no going  back

 Mai bless all, especially the most conscientious  religious aspirants and brings forth the strongest unity U.R.A. and Mai-ism to outspread the  universal religion of wisdom and love or U.R.A. Mai-ism or Fai-Mai-ism or whatever name one chooses for oneself. 



~ Extract from the book : THE CLARION CALL OF MAI-ISM