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Names 323 to 340

(323) Sarvaantaryaamini सर्वान्तर्यामिणी -  Pervading and directing all hearts. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 819

She knows the beginning and the present condition of every being and everything, and the working in every heart and head.
She is all in all and through all.
Having created the universe, She entered into it, and after entering it, She became animate and inanimate.

(324) Daharaakaasharupini दहराकाशरूपिणी -The subtle ether in the heart. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 609
The ether of the heart is Mother. It is here that Mother is worshipped by the higher devotees.

(325) Siddhamaataa सिध्दमाता-The Mother and protector of Siddhas. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 473

(326)Bhaktimat-kalpa-latikaa भक्तिमतकल्पलतिका -The Kalpa creeper of the devotees. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 353

The Kalpa creeper yields everything desired.
It also means:- She that makes Her imperfect devotees perfect. Or She, that multiplies Her devotees and spreads them and their fame amongst many. She gladdens even Her imperfect devotees by the gift of all devotion. Shakti Rahasya states," He who worships Bhavaani irregularly or with imperfect devotion, in the next birth becomes possessed of regular and perfect devotion.

(327) Muni-maanasa-hansikaa मुनिमानसहंसिका -  The swan of the Maanasa lake of the Muni's mind. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 916
Or, She is Sahamsikaa, i.e., a dancer with bangles on the ankles, and She takes delight in pleasing the saintly devotees, who are known as Munis as they worship Her silently and with humility.

(328) Bhakta-chitta-keki-ghanaaghanaa भक्तचित्तकेकिघनाघना - The cloud that nourishes the peacocks, viz., the minds of Her devotees. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 747

Mother so much loves Her devotees, that just to satisfy the thirst of Her devotees, She floods the whole universe with rains. A few drops would have sufficed for a peacock,, but the whole universe is blessed with rains because it has one peacock. The whole universe is blessed because She loves Her one devotee staying in that universe. As some say, the world is so full of sins that were it not for the few virtuous persons and saints and devotees and the few chaste women, the world would not have deserved the bounty, it has been enjoying.

(329) Aabrahma-kita-janani आब्रह्मकीटजननी - Mother of all from Brahma to worm.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 285

Brahmaa means the gross form of humanity taken collectively. Kita means the small insect, which lives on the spider's thread. The idea is She is the mother of most enlightened and most philanthropic, and of the highest form of life, as also of the most ignorant, harmful and lowest form of life.

(330) Aneka-koti-brahmaanda-janani अनेककोटिब्रह्माण्डजननी -The creator of many crores of worlds.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 620

She is the creator of the universes of all physical, subtle and causal forms. 

She is the Mother of Viraat, etc., who is the deity of a Brahmaand,i.e., universe. Viraat is the individuality of the collective physical forms ( Sthula sharira ) of the universe, resulting from the combination of the five gross elements, Svaraat is the individuality of the collective subtle forms (Linga-sharira) of the universe. Samraat is the individuality of the collective causal or unmanifested form, which are the causes of the above two ( Karana Sharira). 

(331) Shaashvataishvaryaa शाश्वतैश्वर्या - Giving eternal dominion, and supremacy.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 952

(332) Bandha-mochini बंधमोचिनी -  Remover of bonds. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 546

In its literal meaning, there are instances of Mother having removed the bondage of imprisonment, stated in scriptures of  Devi Bhagvat देवीभागवत, Harivansha हरिवंश, etc. On the higher plane, Mother does remove the bondage of Her refuge - seekers through saints' company. The service and humility and love for saints and faith in their sayings bring one to be gradually introduced to God. Saints' company is known as Santa-samaagam संतसमागम, their service Santa-sevaसंतसेवा and their grace Santa Kripaa संतकृपा. 

(333) Muktidaa मुक्तिदा  - Giver of salvation. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 736

The Brahma Puraan says," Those who worship Supreme Mother whether regularly or irregularly, are not entangled in worldliness. There is no doubt, they are liberated, souls."

(334) Kaivalya-pada-daayini कैवल्यपददायिनी -  Bestower of the One-Alone state. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 625

Kaivalya is the state of consciousness of singleness without attributes. Kaivalya is the establishment of the energy of consciousness in its own nature, in which condition all sorts of modifications are extinct. Kaivalya is the stage beyond the four popularly known classes of salvation. Pada means salvation. The four classes of salvation are Saalokya सालोक्य, Saarupya सारूप्य, Saamipya सामीप्य, and Saayujya सायुज्य.

The Saalokya सालोक्य  means remaining with Mother in the same world and is the state to be attained by the worship of the mass type.

Saarupya सारूप्य  ( receiving the same form as Mother's). This is the result of the worship, without any show of it without using images. Here, the deities are regarded as different from oneself, although the worshippers are of course endowed with dominion and nature of Mother., and the relationship is that of the nearest possible equality, between the Mother and the worshipper. Some call this (state) Saarshti साष्ट्री I, e.g., equality of dominion.

Saamipya सामीप्य is the state of remaining in closest proximity of Mother. This is for them, that worship the deity as residing in their heart.

Saayujya सायुज्य  is the state of becoming one with Mother, worshipping oneself as Mother with Mother's attributes and becoming one with Mother.

The higher stage must come in the natural course come, after attaining what is to be attained from the lower status.

The state or condition of consciousness, in cases of those that attain any of these four kinds of salvation, is the reward of most meritorious actions, character, etc. and the state attained is not perpetual but transitory, and subject to limitations and conditions. Hence these are described by the words Pada पद (above). 

The state of Kaivalya  कैवल्य salvation, on the other hand, is the reward of the realization of oneness and is unconditioned and perpetual and beyond the above said four classes of salvation.

Those who perform mechanically meritorious ceremonious and virtuous philanthropic actions, etc., attain the state of salvation above described as Saalokya, Saarupya, Saamipya or Saayujya. Those who know Mother by realisation, and reject the aforesaid four states of salvation, knowing well that those stages attainable by actions and worships as stated before are imperfect, attain the last state of Kaivalya कैवल्य  in full, i.e., the bliss attainable by glory of Mother, and enjoy the unconditional bliss transcending both actions and worships.  

"The devotee who worships Mother by ceremonies, by images, by the mind, by identification attain the four classes of salvation. After a long experience of these, combined in one, the devotee finally attains the state of salvation known as Kaivalya कैवल्य.

(335) Svaatmaananda-lavibhuta-brahmaadyaananda-santatih  स्वात्मानन्दलवीभूतब्रह्माद्यानन्दसंततिः - The totality of the bliss of Brahmaa and others, is but a minute portion of Her own bliss. The Bliss that is enjoyed and the bliss that the devotee is blessed with. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 365

The bliss of Indra and others is but a drop in the ocean, in comparison with the Bliss of Mother. Other spiritual beings live on a mere part of this bliss, either imaginary or shadowy. Most of the worldly beings live on merely the imagination of this bliss in worldly objects, thoughts and pursuits, whereas some blessed few get to live on the shadow or reflection of this bliss.

(336) Lilaa-klrippta-brahmaanda-mandalaa - लीलाक्लृप्तब्रह्माण्डमंडला -Who formed the world systems as it were in the sport. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 648

Devi stava says," That is done without effort. Even Shiva is powerless to create, preserve or destroy, but Oh ! Mother, the regulation of the universe is but sport to you. Thou art manifesting the universe in Thyself, at Thy own will."

(337) Unmesha-nimishotpanna-vipinna-bhuvanaa-valih उन्मेषनिमिषोत्पन्नविपन्नभुवनावली -

The series of worlds appear and disappear with the opening and shutting of Her eyes. Worlds include mental universes of the devotees also. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 281

Since the eyes of Mother never close, the expression "opening and shutting," refers to the influence of the destiny of beings, at Her mere wish." " By her mere wish, the whole universe appears and disappears." " The creation of the supreme is simply the expression of Her wish." " The universe consisting of the seer, the seen and the seeing, with all its parts, existed in Mother before She thought of creation. At the manifestation of the universe at Mother's own will, Her eyes open and at the destruction of the universe at Her own will, Her eyes shut. " 

(338) Ayi अयि - Oh.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 427

This word is used in singular number "Thou", in the emotion of endearment. Mother alone is addressed as "Thou," amongst elders to be respected, as She is the eternal Mother of all. "Thou" showing absence of cold enforced respectfulness and flow of love. Ayi also means "Oh, fortunate one".

(339) Aabaala-gopa-viditaa  आबालगोपविदिता- Known even to children and cowherds. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 994

Baala means Brahmaa, etc., gopa means the protector or Baalagopa means Krishna because He was a cow-herd child. She is known to every one from Brahma and Vishnu, down to children. All beings recognize Her in the shape of the idea of 'I'.

None does know or feels doubtful about one's own self. Once She desires Herself to be known to one, She is knowable through any words and any thoughts. She is knowable through world and worldliness itself. She makes Herself most easily knowable through any flimsy experience, emotion, reasoning or happening.

Her hymns, prayers and scriptures are not monopolized in a certain language and series of words. To obtain Her Grace, it is not necessary to leave the world and put on the saffron robe, She is not closed to any beings for worship. She is the mystery of mysteries.
While trying to explain this name, I interpret it as corroborating the Truth, viz., the best way of approaching God is by a love of a child to Mother. By this name, it is emphatically shown out that it is the simplest method. Everyone, even a child and a cowherd ( an illiterate villager ) has the experience of love for the Mother and Mother's love for the child.

(340)  Lalitaambikaa ललिताम्बिका -The Sportive Mother Lalitaa. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 1000

Mother is a player, being the creator, preserver and destroyer. 

She has two other functions as well, viz., annihilation and re-manifestation which belong to no other deity.
Transcending all universes, i.e., maintaining the motherly relation and yet being beyond the relationship and beyond the universes,  She sports, (Lalate) hence She is called Lalitaa. She sports, playing joyfully shining brilliantly and showering happiness unconsumingly.
The word Lalitaa has eight meanings, viz., brilliancy, manifestation, sweetness, depth, fixity, energy, grace and generosity. These are the best human qualities. Lalitaa also means tenderness and beauty.
Mother, Thou are rightly called Lalitaa. In Thy form as Active Mother, Thy bow is made of sugarcane, the arrows are flowers,  and everything connected with Thee is lovely (Lalitaa). As Final most Mother, Thou art most loveliest to Thy children.
Here I have broken into tears, almost to the state of unconsciousness. I am approaching the end of this Trishati of 340 names (Trishati literally meaning three hundred) poured out. I have flowed my libations most profusely to the Mother, She has exacted Her Service from the most unworthy creature, quite illiterate, devoid of any austerity, with no knowledge of Sanskrit of scriptures.
 I am Dhanya. Fully satisfied. Fully Recompensed. More than compensated for all my miseries, past present and future. I have been all along under severe tests by Mother. Shall I leave Her?

Shall Mother change my heart and make me leave Her?  Mother alone knows. Her ways are mysterious. Anyway I feel, I will never leave Her, even if discarded, spurned and turned out.
I feel I have not failed in my love to Mother, and this little work supplies the little proof of my devotion to Her, in the most trying period of my life.

I sing and sing and tears flow in showers,
"Thou art the song and the (Saarangi) harp of my life,
Thou the singer, the accompanier
Thou the vibrator, thou the resonator,
Thou the hearer, thou the appreciator,
Thou art the time barring date of my all debts."
Thou art one and all; none else exist, but Thee
Every nerve, every atom of my impure body, every cell of my wicked brain, and every parasitic throb of my ungrateful heart has sublimated itself, by Mother's Grace, on Mother's desire to accept me.
If Mother accepts me, I have no debts to discharge; but when shall this " If "disappear?  Mother!
Thou alone knowest. My love for Thee is unfathomable, Judge me by my love for Thee, foregoing everything else.

I have, like a dead and lifeless being, remained resistless while Mother has made use of this broken pot. "What next"? Mother alone knows. Shall this book see the light of the day? Where to find the wherewithals? Shall I be hit by orthodoxy? Shall anyone be benefited in one's devotion to Mother?
Mother alone knows. Is this churning of the heart entirely purposeless? Does not Mother love me? Let Her not love me. I will Love Her and shall not leave Her. 

There are innumerable opportunities to serve Her in so many lives to come if this life is a failure and in disembodied states.
Mother grant me this much only, that my devotion itself may never die or dry, Mother! Shalt Thou do not accept me perpetually as one of the most wretched creatures, but Thine? At least out of this consideration, that I have at least to-day poured out to Thee the profuse libation of love with sighs, tears and cessation of consciousness.

If Mother is Love, and Love is Mother, Mother is mine and I am Mother's.

Jaya Maai, Jay Markand Mai, Mother Bless Us All.

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