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Names 46 to 50

GROUP  A - 5.
(45) Maraali Mandagamanaa मरालीमन्दगमना - Her gait is that of the swan. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 47
There are two gaits, one the elephant-gait and other the swan-gait for a damsel. The former results in the oscillations of the central body rightward and leftward. In swan-gait, there is an up and down movement of the feet and the neck, with a face. The swan-gait is referred to because Mother's devotee's full attention is riveted on the Lotus Feet. Besides a swan is beautiful not only in its gait but even by itself. There is an idea of tenderness associated with "swan", that has no comparison.
Swan is further gifted with the natural capacity of separating and sipping away milk though immensely adulterated with water.

(46) Mahaalaavanyashevadhih महालावण्यशेवधिः The treasurehouse of beauty. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र नाम क्रमांक 48
(47) Sarvaarunaa सर्वारूणा - All rosy-hued. ललिता सहस्र नाम, नाम क्रमांक 49 
Mother's garments, ornaments, flowers, colours are all rosy and love-creating.
(48) Anavadyaangi अनवद्यांगी - With faultless limbs. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 50
(49) Sarvaabharanbhaasuraa सर्वाभरणभासुरा - Adorned with every ornament. ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 51
(50) Shivaa शिवा - The beneficial.ललिता सहस्रनाम स्तोत्र, नाम क्रमांक 53
The energy underlying what becomes beneficial through perception, right understanding, true knowledge, practical wisdom, impartial seeing, long fore-sighted thinking, charitable considering, concentrated remembering, healthy conceiving, determined wiling, disinterested loving, legitimate desiring.etc., is a gift and grace of Mother.

The Daanavas and the Devas are on equal relations to Mother; She does good (Shivaa) to all beings. Hence Mother is known as  Shivaa. She is Shivaa because She confers on Her worshippers natural purity, stainless qualities, superiority, supporting power, supremacy and immortality.
She who has assumed the energising aspect connected with one and varied consciousness, who is intellect, without attributes, self-shining, unchangeable, supreme bliss, and the cause of the destruction of worldly bondage, is Shivaa.
The first name group which a Mai-ist should repeat contains eight names and ideas consolidated in brief coined catch-words, as under.
I am sorry for murdering the English language in framing these words in the Sanskrit-Samaasa (संस्कृत समास) -like manner. If however, the words have to keep pace with thought, the bondage of grammar and lack of complete wording should be ignored.

The Mother, The all-conquering Mother, The Mercy-ocean Mother, The beck and call Mother, The Devotees' Mother.
The million sun and moon Mother. The four-armed Mother. The light, life and love-deluging Mother.
The names may be repeated in English as well. Without any diffidence or doubt their efficacy just as one would repeat Sanskrit names.

The above names should precede the mental amplification of the four arms of the finalmost Mother that are representative of (1) Love to Her children and Devotion to Herself, (2) Service to all, (3) Strict observance of common religion and morality and (4) Self-surrender, respectively.
The four arms of Mai confer devotion, boon, controlling power and success respectively. After these are meditated upon, one should meditate on Active Mother's four arms that liberate or binds souls by the noose, elephant-hook, bow and arrows of pure or impure desires, right or wrong knowledge, mind-control or temptation-yielding. 

The second name group is the description from the hair to the chin and in a single word is as under. All qualifying phrases should first be ignored to memorise before meditation. Thus try to make up this order.

(1) The hair. (2) The crown. (3) The forehead. (4)The tiny mark. (5) The eyebrows. (6) The eyes. (7) The nose. (8) The nose gem. (9) The flower row over the ear. (10) The earrings (11) Cheeks. (12) Lips. (13) Betel-leaf-fragrance.(14) Teeth. (15) Smile. (16) Speech. (17) Chin.

Select the hour of silence and the place of solitude.Sit down before Mother's photograph and then alternately practise, seeing Mother's face with swallowing eyes for a few minutes and for the next few minutes with closed eyes repeating the above names and trying to form the image in your brain. By long practice, the face will begin to swim before you and then your happiness will be indescribable.
First fairly secure this much and after that alone the meditation should proceed further, up to the Lotus Feet. By the time you reach The Lotus Feet meditation, you will be liquefied and will be yourself an image of humility, with the only consciousnesses that you are nothing more than a straw or a heap of spiritualised dust magnetised by Mother to be used as life

Then amplify the name group by repeating the same with qualified epithets added, thus:-
(1) Flower adorned scented hair. (2) Richest gems-bedecked resplendent crown (3) Crescent-moon-like forehead (4) Beautiful and nectar-pouring face with the musk mark above the eyebrow centre. (5) Festoon-like eyebrows. (6) Sharpe and sparkling fish-like eyes (7)Straight, newly bloomed flower-like nose (8) Star excelling nose-jewel (9) Ear canopy flower-row (10) Sun and moon-like ear-rings adorned ears (11) Ruby-like cheeks. (12) Coral-like lips  (13) Divine knowledgeful, buds like teeth (14) Betel-leaves-fragranceful mouth. (15) Infant devotees' mind-absorbing smile. (16) Best instrument music-excelling mere vocal speech and (17) Frequently children pulled out chin.

The third name group is:-
(1) Neck. (2) Arms. (3) Necklace. (4) Breasts. (5) Waist. (6) Belt. (7) Belt-bells. (8) Thighs (9) Knees. (10) Calves. (11) Ankles. (12) Upper foot surface. (13) Nails. (14) Lotus Feet.

The further name groups may be further repeated and amplified with Her detailed description from the neck to the Lotus Feet asunder.
(1) Devotee's hand encircled beautiful necked Mother. (2) Necklaced Mother. (3) Adorned-armed Mother. (4) Spirituality-milk-giving-breasted Mother. (5) Waist-belted Mother. (6) Belt-underneath-red-garmented Mother. (7) Belt-linked-bells-announced Mother. (8) Advanced devotees reserved seat-like, lap-forming symmetrical and smooth thighed Mother. (9) Jewel disks-like-kneed Mother. (10) Five arrows'-power-conferring-calved Mother. (11) Anklets' slip preventing rounded-ankled Mother. (12) Tortoise-back- like convexity-shaped safe refuge-affording Lotus-Feeted Mother. (13) Ignorance-dispelling-rayed-nails-possessing Mother. (14) Salvation Lotus -Feeted Mother.
The next name group is general, tinkling-ankleted, swan-gaited, beauty-treasure, rosy-coloured, faultless, well-adorned, beneficent.
First 50 names are, therefore, 12 general, 17 hair to neck, 14 neck to Lotus Feet and 7 general, in all 50.
Jay Maai, Mother Bless All.

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